Monday, April 29, 2013

Toyota Etios

Japan-based automaker giant Toyota has launched its brand new entry-level sedan 'Etios' in India, in December 2010. Priced between Rs 4.96 lakh (base variant) and Rs 6.86 lakh, the petrol-driven Toyota Etios promises to offer true value for money. The four-wheel wonder is all set to give its rivals a run for their money, with its swanky looks and power-packed performance. It is fully loaded with advanced safety features. The automobile flaunts a majestic frontal, with alluring rear end.



Under the hood of the petrol-driven Toyota Etios lies 1.5L 16 valve DOHC engine, that promises to offer unparalleled driving experience. The engine delivers maximum power of 90 PS at 5600 rpm, with a peak torque of 132 Nm at 3000 rpm. The engine is mated to 5-speed manual transmission. The engine is lightweight and promises to be highly fuel efficient.

Design And Comfort

Toyota Etios promises stands out from the crowd, with its sober looks. The car boasts of having a strong front grille and distinctive character lines that run along its sides. The automobile flaunts crisp crease lines on its bonnet. The rear end also looks impressive, with sparkling set of triangular tail lamps.


The interiors of Toyota Etios are ergonomically designed, to make the sedan roomy and comfortable. Etios offers ample headroom and legroom. The spacious boot space of the automobile has low loading height, so that you can effortlessly load and unload your luggage. Storage spaces are located strategically in its interiors, that too within easy reach. Etios comes with as many as seven one-liter bottle holders and a cooled glove box. For entertainment on the move, Etios is equipped with sophisticated DVD/Audio Player. To ensure that everyone breathes cool, clean and fresh air, the AC of the sedan comes with powerful blowers, multi-directional vents and air-purifying filter.

Ride And Handling

The person driving Toyota Etios can acquire full control over the vehicle, thanks to its superior ride and handling quality. The electronic power steering of the sedan comes with a tilt function, so that the driver can adjust the steering according to his/her comfort. The improved electronic throttle control of the vehicle ensures good fuel efficiency.


Toyota Etios is fully packed with all the latest active and passive safety features, which make sure that all the passengers enjoy a safe ride. Etios is especially designed to absorb impact of accidents. In case of frontal collision, the car's SRS airbags get inflated to avoid serious injuries on the head and upper torso. The sedan comes with Anti-lock braking system with EBD that ensures smooth stop and good control over the vehicle, when brakes are applied suddenly, in case of emergencies.

Price, Variants And Color

Toyota Etios is currently available in five variants - Etios J, Etios G, Etios G Safety, Etios V and Etios VX. The car is available in six vibrant colors that include Symphony Silver, Harmony Beige, Serene Bluish Silver, Vermillion Red, Celestial Black and White. The J and G variants of Etios come with Black colored upholstery, while the color of seats for Etios V and Etios VX are available in Black & Grey and Black & Red, respectively. The ex-showroom (Delhi) price of Toyota Etios J is Rs 4.96 lakh, while the G, G (with safety options), V and VX are priced at Rs 5.46 lakh, Rs 5.96 lakh, Rs 6.41 lakh and Rs 6.86 lakh, respectively.


Offered at several petrol variants, Toyota Etios delivers an average mileage of 15-17 kmpl.

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Toyota Etios Review said...

In sedan segment there is a huge competition between Honda and Toyota.But Toyota Etios looks stunning and a perfect blend of power and style.

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